The Finest Paints by Benjamin Moore

When looking for the right paint for your home, you need not look further than Piedmont Paint Warehouse of Burlington, NC. We offer you the finest selection of paints by Benjamin Moore, one of the most well-known and respected paint brands in the country. Here are some of the paints we stock:

Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint- Benjamin Moore

Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint

This ADVANCE® paint applies and performs like traditional oil paint, only in a waterborne formula which can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. It is very VOC low, because it’s developed with proprietary, new resins in a 100% alkyd formula. It acts like a traditional alkyd during application, with extended open-time required to achieve high-end finishes.

It’s available in unlimited colors, just show us the color you’d like and we can mix it up for you!

Aura Interior Paint- Benjamin Moore

Aura Bath and Spa Waterborne Interior Paint

This is a premium-quality interior paint, specially designed specifically for bathrooms and spas, with a high resistance level to both humidity and mildew.

It has a beautiful matte finish, and is very durable.

Aura Interior Paint

This paint by Aura® is extremely durable and is specially formulated with Color Lock® technology to bring a richer, truer color.

It works great as cover paint, even the deepest shades, because it is thicker than other paints.

Ultra Spec 500- Benjamin Moore

Regal Select Paint

This paint by Regal® features proprietary, waterborne resins and no VOC colorants, allowing it to perform as both a paint and primer.

It delivers premium performance and smooth application.

Ultra Spec 500- Benjamin Moore

Ultra Spec 500

This is a professional-quality interior coating, with superior cover and touchup properties, even flow and leveling, easy application, and soap/water cleanup. It’s available in a wide variety of sheens and colors, and it’s perfect for painting contractors, facility managers, and property managers.

Regal Select Exterior Paint - Benjamin Moore

Regal Select Exterior Paint

This exterior Regal® paint is engineered specifically for exterior use, 100% acrylic-fortified with advanced alkyd technology for premium adhesion, especially to chalky substrates. It can be tinted however you’d like, and it’s highly resistant to fading, cracking, peeling, mildew and humidity.

ARBORCOAT® Premium Exterior Stain- Benjamin Moore

ARBORCOAT® Premium Exterior Stain

ARBORCOAT Premium Exterior Stains offer a variety of opacities in an array of captivating colors that let you express your own unique style. These finishes are designed to enhance the appearance of your deck, siding, or outdoor wood furniture with outstanding color retention. All ARBORCOAT finishes are easy to apply and offer superior protection while enriching the texture and grain of exterior wood surfaces.

Sure Seal Latex Primer Sealer- Benjamin Moore

Sure Seal Latex Primer Sealer

A high-quality, 100% acrylic latex primer designed for a wide range of interior and exterior projects. It delivers strong adhesion for all surfaces and excellent stain blocking and resistance in a low.

Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X®- Bejamin Moore

Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X®

Scuff-X is a revolutionary, single-component paint which resists scuffing before it starts. Built for professionals, it is engineered with cutting-edge protection against scuffs.

Super Hide ® Zero VOC- Benjamin Moore

Super Hide ® Zero VOC

Super Hide ® Zero VOC is a professional-quality interior paint designed to meet the needs of high-volume commercial paint contractors.

Natura® Zero-VOC and Zero Emissions Paint- Benjamin Moore

Natura® Zero-VOC and Zero Emissions Paint

Natura Waterborne Interior Paint is Benjamin Moore’s greenest paint.

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